Real ME to Attend National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health Conference

The National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health (NFFCMH) 30th Annual Conference will be held this week in Phoenix, Arizona and members of CFN's Real ME team will be in attendance. For 30 years, the NFFCMH has been the nationwide advocacy organization with families as its sole focus, playing an important role in helping children, youth and their families whose lives are impacted by mental health challenges.

One undisputed constant in our society is that all children who survive childhood and adolescence will become adults. For children who experience untreated behavioural health disorders, this typically results in adults who continue to struggle with symptoms, who become parents and who perpetuate this cycle. The impact of this reoccurring cycle is felt throughout our society.

The conference will feature 150+ speakers and more than 85 breakout sessions, joining hundreds of mental health advocates and professionals from across the North America as all work towards the education and empowerment of children, youth, and families.

CFN's Real ME Program works with newcomer youth currently involved in gang-related activities, or at risk of becoming involved in those activities. Program staff, partners and volunteers work together to help youth participants to reach their highest future potential, regardless of their past.

Real ME is made possible through coordinated services and support provided by the more than 25 organizations from the Justice, Education, Mental Health and Community Services landscape. High-risk and gang-involved youth from immigrant families receive culturally appropriate counselling, mentorship, academic support, family support, employment, life skills support, and pro-social activities.

CFN's world class team uses the Identity-Based Wraparound model and aims to restore and strengthen positive identities of high-risk and gang-involved youth from an immigrant or racialized background, in partnership with their families, schools, and communities. Real ME provides individualized support integrating services for the youth while furthering research, evaluation, and public education for this population.

Real ME brings together researchers and community partners to develop a unique approach to youth gang prevention. It is a collaborative response to the changing demographics in Canada, and to research-informed learning that gang-involved youth from immigrant communities have experienced unraveling of self-concept, identity, citizenship and overall sense of belonging due to multiple, traumatic life experiences at home, at school and in community. For more information visit