CFN Collaborates with One Yellow Rabbit's High Performance Rodeo

CFN will collaborate with One Yellow Rabbit's High Performance Rodeo to assist in hiring staff for Calgary's 34th annual International Festival of the Arts set to start its three week run January 6, 2020.  We are excited to play a part in one of Calgary's most exciting and unique festivals and to continue to connect newcomer artists with the local arts community.

As a part of our Career Services for Professional Artists Initiative, CFN is continuously exploring ways the arts and their community development can create opportunities for newcomers to become more engaged in their community and experience increased community connection. Newcomers with experience in the arts are provided with assistance to pursue their career within their industry by helping them build new professional connections, finding targeted mentorship opportunities and accessing relevant resources. By extension, Calgary's High Performance Rodeo is an amazing connection to make.

For three wild weeks in January, Calgary’s International Festival of the Arts, is where the action is. It’s a chance to watch touring performances from across Canada, acclaimed international shows, and new and experimental work from artists here in Calgary. The programming is bold, cutting-edge, funny, frank, and full of heart. There’s theatre, dance, music, film, free lunchtime concerts, late-night cabarets, and so much more. Shows in the basement of the Calgary Tower, at the Royal Canadian Legion, in the +15’s, a wrestling ring, an elevator, in City Hall, Eau Claire Market, the Glenbow, Central Library, Big Secret Theatre, Lunchbox, DJD, and the Jack Singer Concert Hall.

The High Performance Rodeo takes over downtown Calgary in all shapes, sizes, and sounds – defying description and tantalizing the tastes of arts and culture lovers. Audiences brave the January cold or revel in the chinook heat-wave, comb over the festival guide, and come out to play. The High Performance Rodeo is about championing creativity, building community, celebrating diverse voices, and promoting self-expression in all forms.  For 33 years, the festival has been a launching pad for local artists and a spotlight onto the world’s stage. It’s a unique experience that only happens here.

The programming is multi-faceted in its diversity; renowned for being rich with progressive, wild and powerfully inventive performances.  Mesmerizing contemporary dance to thought-provoking performances designed to challenge the worldviews held by the audience, international theatre hits, emerging artists and productions, immersive sensory journeys, modern Indigenous art and theatre, music and more, transform the cultural landscape of Calgary and leave lasting impressions that extend beyond the city borders.

For more information on how you can get involved in our collaboration with High Performance Roader email and for both details and tickets for this year's big festival simply click here.