CFN Goes Tech With ComIT

CFN has recently entered into a partnership with ComIT, a charitable IT organization that offers a free 3-month software course to unemployed or underemployed job seekers. ComIT provides solutions to the problem of employment in relationship to information technology and currently operating in 12 cities across the country. CFN is happy to be a part of rolling out this exciting opportunity here in Calgary.

Candidates are evaluated by an interdisciplinary team of psychologists, IT professionals and social workers, where the following factors are taken into account:

· Situation of unemployment or underemployment

· The need to obtain employment in the short term

· Secondary school completed or owing few subjects to finish it

· Between 18 and 40 years old

· Technical orientation

· Motivation, perseverance

· Commitment and responsibility

The organization teaches programming, soft skills and professional development capabilities to face the labor market and do this through training of technical aspects, and other capabilities such as responsibility, teamwork and commitment.

Their work targets the requirements of the labor market and provides the necessary tools so that their graduates are successfully inserted therein. The courses are performed by IT professionals working in leading companies, aiming the training to state-of-the-art tools.

ComIT believes that the best way to solve youth unemployment is the provision of tools to work and promoting mutual commitment.

 Registration is ongoing and you can click here to register today . Watch below to find it a bit more about just what ComIT does.