CFN Partners with Jollibee

CFN is pleased to announce a partnership with the one and only Jollibee, that will include Jolibee hiring representatives coming to the Centre on July 29, 30, 31 to hire for positions they intend to fill for the upcoming grand opening of Calgary's first Jolibee's in Pacific Place Mall.

With over 1200 locations worldwide, Jollibee is Philippines’ answer to McDonalds. The largest fast food chain in the country has humble beginnings as an Ice Cream Parlor, which has since grown into an emerging global brand. At present, Jollibee is operating a network of over 750 stores in the Philippines and prior to opening in Canada, Jollibee already has international locations in Brunei, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. Jollibee president and CEO Tony Tan Caktiong has previously revealed that aside from Canada, Jollibee also plans to open and expand in Italy, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Oman.

CFN regularly holds hiring fairs, as they make up a large piece of our Career Development and Job Search (CDJS) services. This past fiscal year hundreds of those who attended CFN job fairs, either walked out of the employed the same day or were chosen to appear for second interviews. Moreover, it is our hope that participating in a collective gathering with other job seekers in the same room allowed those in attendance to discover several things one can use to improve their chances of landing a job. As always, a big tip of the hat to all those here at CFN and to the volunteers who worked so hard to make these events happen.

A cornerstone of CFN programming, the Centre offers CDJS services to provide support and guidance to reduce barriers, clarify career goals and develop training plans that will help job seekers move towards their employment goals. Clients are welcomed and work with career services professionals in English. For newcomers with limited English, services are provided in multiple other languages. Workshops, information and networking sessions and one-to-one counselling are provided to prepare job seekers for the Canadian labour market, bringing them closer to employment opportunities that will help in their integration into the Canadian workforce. This past fiscal year tens of thousands have engaged our CDJS services and public Job Search Centre here at CFN and we couldn't be happier to work towards building a more diverse and inclusive Calgary.