Community Based Care for Newcomer Children @ CFN

CFN is proud to be part of the Community Based Care for Newcomer Children (CB-CNC) Initiative, where low-income Newcomer Parents that are wanting to access Language instruction of Newcomers (LINC) classes anywhere in Calgary are eligible for childcare at no cost in a licensed daycare or day home.

How does the program work? When a newcomer registers for LINC at any provider in the city, the Registrar determines if they will require childcare outside of their location to attend LINC class. The generous support of the Government of Canada, has made available a federal childcare subsidy for low-income newcomers wanting to participate in LINC. This will be the “parent portion” after the existing provincial childcare subsidy. Parents choose a childcare provider that works for them and children can remain in the daycare or day home during the time the parents are in LINC classes.

Newcomer families benefit from their choice of childcare provider in a location that is convenient for them, while receive assistance in selecting a childcare provider and accessing the Alberta Childcare Subsidies and access to a Settlement Practitioner to connect the family to additional resources and supports depending on the family’s needs.

Newcomer children are eligible for the program if their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) have registered, for LINC and have been admitted into LINC at any LINC provider in Calgary under  Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4; the parents have been referred to the program by the Registrar of a LINC provider in Calgary; parents are deemed eligible for the full provincial childcare subsidy (we help parents to determine this); and the child is 4 years of age or younger and not in school

CB-CNC is available at any licensed daycare or day home in Calgary provided that childcare space is available, and that the childcare provider agrees to participate in the program Newcomers with children under 4 years old are referred to this program when they register for LINC classes at any LINC provider in Calgary and need childcare to complete their classes.

For more information contact Suzanne Risley, Coordinator, Community-Based Care for Newcomer Children at either (403) 354-2356 or