CFN CEO to Receive University of Calgary Alumni Award

CFN CEO Anila Lee Yuen
The University of Calgary Alumni Association recently announced the recipients of the 2017 Arch Awards. Amongst this year's recipients are cultural ambassadors, community connector and visionary leaders. Let's hear is for the change-makers, risk-takers and trail-blazers that have sparked change close to home and around the globe. This year CFN CEO Anila Lee Yuen is amongst the recipients.

Anila's work at CFN is formulated through its mission: “To support newcomers and the receiving community in becoming a diverse, united community, through services and initiatives that create conditions of success for newcomers and that foster a welcoming environment in Calgary.” To this extent, beyond traditional settlement services, Anila has spearheaded programming to include volunteer-led refugee supports; Indigenous integration for newcomers; LGBTQ, domestic violence, homeless and mental health support services; and broadened vulnerable youth programming and social venture opportunities.

For more on the Gala event to be held on September 22nd, as well as a list of all of this year's recipients visit the University of Calgary Website.