Totally Awesome Summer Camp @ CFN

This past week CFN Productions had a chance to stop by for a visit with CFN's Totally Awesome Summer Camp's (TASC) counsellors and kids.  Totally Awesome Summer Camp is a school-aged care program for kids ages 6 – 12; it supports parents to continue their LINC English classes over the summer. Participants enjoy fun crafts, games, and outings designed to develop their creative, communication and leadership skills. The program is led by two post-secondary students through the Service Canada Summer Student grant program.

During our visit we had the chance to talk with Joy Monagas, one of our TASC Counsellors and summer students who is currently enrolled at SAIT. And in a wonderful case of serendipity, Joy herself was once a participant in CFNs childcare program and now has come full circle in her position as a counsellor.  For a peek inside TASC and to hear Joy talk about her experiences simply watch below and for pics of our visit CLICK HERE. 

Totally Awesome Summer Camps (TASC) @ CFN from CFN Productions on Vimeo.