Making Treaty 7 @ Indigenous Education for Newcomers Launch

Photo by Bert Crowfoot
From its beginnings, Making Treaty 7 has sat upon the advisory committee and helped steer the Indigenous Education for Newcomers Initiative. On July 29th at the Genesis Centre for the Launch Celebration of the Initiative, live scenes from Making Treaty 7's Napi's Story, as well as an explanation of Indigenous ways of knowing and living on the land by local elders, will be a part of the days' events.

Treaty 7 is one of a family of numbered treaties signed between Canada’s First Nations and Queen Victoria between 1871 and 1921. Treaty 7 paved the way for the peaceful settlement of the Province of Alberta. Making Treaty 7 tells the story of that historic agreement, and investigates the results and implications 140 years later.

The purpose of Making Treaty 7's work is the potential to act as a transformational agent for people of all ages and backgrounds. Inspired by the founding event of modern Southern Alberta, Making Treaty 7 invites Calgarians, and all Canadians, to consider an enlightened, sustainable future – for all of us. The Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society operates as a not-for-profit entity, governed by a board of directors.

All cultures can best be expressed through their connection to “place.” The story of Canada is the story of the land we live on, that we cultivate, harvest and build our cities on. It is also the story of who each of us are, where we came from, and why we are here today. Looking forward, our story is the story of how we hope to live together in the future.

Our right to live and prosper here in Canada is made possible through a series of agreements laid out between First Nations and European new comers. The treaties outline how different cultures can co-exist as one country. Every Canadian benefits from privileges, and is bound by responsibilities, that stem directly from the agreements laid out between First Nations and European newcomers. Treaty 7, is one of a family of numbered treaties that were intended to define how two very different cultures might agree to coexist.

A greater understanding of what Treaty 7 means, to each and every one of us, would be of great benefit to anyone who wishes for a better understanding of Calgary, its immediate history, and its potential as a truly great city.

Making Treaty 7 (Highlights from 2015 Show) from Chris Hsiung on Vimeo.