Best of Calgary & Around the World

The Best of Calgary, in collaboration with First Calgary Financial and CFN, put on the ultimate cultural experience that fully satisfied everyone's international palate. The Around the World Dinner brought together a tasty menu of dishes exclusively catered by CFNs Ethnicity Catering, that explored food from five refugee countries including Syria, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Congo and Albania.

The multiple course dinner also featured a representative from each country, who spoke of their homeland and their experiences of immigrating to Calgary. The Around the World Dinner was chosen to be a part of the Best of Calgary Interactive labs and experiences, citing the Centre for Newcomers is an important component of the community in our city.

EthniCity Catering is a social enterprise of the Centre for Newcomers that provides transitional employment and training for immigrant and refugee women and men, and a multi-ethnic menu for Calgary customers. Offering a temporary and part-time Canadian job, along with training to work in a commercial kitchen, the program also presents the opportunity to learn essential life skills and workplace training, along with a food safety card from Alberta Health Services and support in looking for permanent work.

All of us here at CFN extend our thanks to Best of Calgary, First Calgary Financial, our evening's guests and of course our international table hosts. For photos of the event CLICK HERE and for a quick peek at the evening's highlights watch below.

Around the World Dinner from CFN Productions on Vimeo.