AGM & World Refugee Day @ CFN

Yesterday CFN held its Annual General Meeting & World Refugee Day Celebrations and CFN would like to send out a big thank you to all those who participated in what was a special day.

In the end, CFN is Calgary; CFN is Canada and our heart, like the heart that drives World Refugee Day, can perhaps best be summarized by a single word - hope.  Canada, more than ever, truly is a beacon of hope to the world.  For all our flaws, for all the challenges that still lay in front of us, we are a nation where individuals are treated with respect, have equal rights, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of sexual orientation, free education and healthcare, and can live life, for the most part, as we see fit, without fear of repercussion, and with pride and hope for the future. As Canada approaches its 150th birthday, pride is another word that comes to mind. Hope and pride; yes indeed Canada is simply one of the best places in our big wide world in which to live out the human experience.

CFN thanks our community partners and collaborators, our fellow settlement agencies, along with the host of passionate and driven non-profits that burn bright throughout our great city and serve to better the city in which we all live; we thank the hundreds of our volunteers who donate their time to help improve the lives of others; we thank the more than 130 people who come to work at CFN everyday and work hard to build the community around them; we thank our heartfelt Board, our spirited leadership, but most of all we thank all those who are now working so very hard to make Calgary their new home - who in the process make Canada the glorious country it has always been.

And therein lies our responsibility as a community. All of us here at CFN will surely do our best, each and every day, to help them, in any way we can, throughout their journey; to assist these newcomers, into a city, a culture and a country that was built upon the ideals of pride and hope, upon the ideals that serve as a driving force behind all those looking to make something better for themselves and their families.  For photos of our Annual General Meeting CLICK HERE, to download a copy of CFN's Annual Report CLICK HERE, and for a quick by the numbers glance of Fiscal Year 2016-17 simply watch below.

CFN's Annual General Meeting: FY 2016-17 By The Numbers from CFN Productions on Vimeo.