CFN Podcast Centre - LGBTQ Capacity Building

As many will already know, CFN has partnered with Calgary Outlink for the LGBTQ New Canadians Resiliency Project. At it's core the project is designed to increase the number of supportive connections in clients' lives and produce greater feelings of acceptance in the Calgary community.

We are excited to move forward with Calgary Outlink in this endeavour and in order to ensure CFN's capacity to do so have engaged the services of Sagesse.  Sagesse works as a community mobilizer and supports organizations and communities to build capacity.  The term capacity building is consciously used by Sagesse because it honours the knowledge, experiences and support that are present within communities and organizations, while also acknowledging that we all have room to grow and learn.

This week's podcast sees LGBTQ Program Coordinator Rachel Braeuer and Peer Support Program Lead Amy Munroe join us at the Podcast Centre to talk about the work they do in the community and their role in working with CFN.