CFN CEO Speaking @ Canadian Immigration Summit 2017

The Canadian Immigration Summit is where stakeholders from across the country convene to discuss innovative, practical, and actionable solutions to strengthen Canada’s immigration system. Key themes of the 2017 Summit agenda include shaping immigration policies and programs to meet the needs of business, harnessing technology to support newcomers and enhance the efficiency of the immigration system, and empowering immigrants and refugees to find and create good jobs in Canada.

Speakers include The Hon. Ahmed D. Hussen, Canada's Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, The Hon. Lena M. Metlege Diab, Minister of Immigration from Nova Scotia, The Hon. Laura Albanese Minister of Citizenship and Immigration from Ontario, Marie Chapman, Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Museum of Immigration, Craig Alexander, Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist at the Conference Board of Canada and CFN's very own Chief Executive Officer Anila Lee Yuen.

On the eve of Canada’s 150th anniversary, the country’s immigration system faces major domestic and international challenges. At home, immigrants and refugees often struggle to find good jobs and integrate into Canadian society. Business argues that Canada requires a quicker, more responsive immigration system. Abroad, large refugee flows have called Canada into action. An ever-competitive global economy has created abundant opportunities for the internationally mobile, for whom Canada is only one of many options.

That being said, innovation is part and parcel of Canada’s immigration system. From the development of a transcontinental railroad following Confederation which gave immigrants access to farmland in the West, to the establishment of the world’s first skills-based points system and private refugee sponsorship program, to the Provincial Nominee Program and Express Entry in more recent times, Canada turns towards innovative solutions to achieve its immigration objectives and enhance the nation’s prosperity at this is what sits at the heart of this years summit in Ottawa.  For more information of the summit visit their website.

source: Conference Board of Canada