Youth Toastmasters @ CFN

As a part of one of our ongoing community initiatives, CFN collaborated with the Toastmasters for youth leadership program. Teenagers drawn from various ethno-cultural communities participated, of which 18 graduated successfully.

Besides public speaking skills, teenagers were taught to evaluate speaking abilities, organize and give speeches, hold impromptu talks, control voice, vocabulary, non-verbal gestures and give constructive feedback. Some of the outcomes centring on community impact focused around youth empowerment, inter-cultural mingling and inculcating a culture of volunteering.

A graduation ceremony was held for these 18 teenagers this passed Saturday. The youth were awarded certificates on successful completion of the program. The ceremony was attended by parents, community leaders and partners. Darlene Hilland, Division Director of one of the International Districts, guided these youngsters over the 8-week program and was supported by ‘sous’ instructor Jenny Tam.

CFN would like to extend a big thank you Toastmasters instructors, community associations, ethno-cultural leaders, teenagers and most of all parents for their wholehearted commitment and support.  Congratulations Guys! For more photos of the event CLICK HERE.