The LGBTQ New Canadians Resiliency Project Open House

CFN has partnered with Calgary Outlink for the LGBTQ New Canadians Resiliency Project and April 10th saw the open house and official launch of this groundbreaking initiative. This project aims to strengthen LGBTQ New Canadians’ resiliency, while helping them avoid the challenges associated with being LGBTQ and new to Canada. It facilitates belonging with Calgary's LGBTQ community; engagement with immigrant serving organizations; and creates successful integration into the Calgary Community. Furthermore, the project is designed to increase the number of supportive connections in client lives and produce greater feelings of acceptance in the community.

We are excited to move forward with our partner Calgary Outlink in this endeavour and look forward to making Calgary the best city it can be for each and every one of us who call it home. For pictures of the open house launch CLICK HERE and for more details simply watch below.

LGBTQ New Canadian Resiliency Project Open House from CFN Productions on Vimeo.