Sometimes All You Really Need is a Smile

A few years ago Akeam Francis, unsure of what his next move in life was to going to be, came to CFN. He enrolled in one of our youth programs - Youth Quest.  He completed the program and not long after made a decision; he wanted to to make a lot of Calgarians smile, just by lending a hand.

He started a Facebook page offering to help strangers, simply calling himself the Calgary Helper. In exchange, he asked for donations for his vehicle and food. Francis began getting many calls for help and both he and his friends soon began referring to themselves as the "Smile Gang."

Francis now travels the city, knocking on doors and offering a hand to anyone who needs it. From landscaping yards for seniors, helping someone move, or simply doing their dishes, he just wants to make someone’s day better. His work eventually caught the eye of a benefactor who has since donated several bays of a garage. This is where he now sets up his Smile Shop, donations of household items and clothes where people can come and shop for free every Saturday. His goal, over time, is to help a million people and make each and every one of them smile. Helping others in need, for help in return. So simple, it's genius.

All of us here at CFN couldn't be prouder of Akeam and of the incredible work he's doing that impacts lives of Calgarians every single day. For more information on Akeam's Smile Gang, you check things out on Facebook and Twitter and to hear from Akeam himself on his journey to becoming a community leader simply watch below. Keep it up Akeam!

The Smile Gang from CFN Productions on Vimeo.