CFN Recognizes National Inside Out Day For Autism

Sunday was World Autism Day, a disorder that is to this day often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. When most of us hear the term autism, we often think of a childhood disorder where early assessment and intervention are of the utmost importance.  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is however a lifelong condition for most.  We know that many can and will improve to the point of no longer needing the assistance of a parent or caregiver but just as many will continue to be affected by the disorder and continue to need supports throughout their lives.

With so many ‘aging-out’ of services by age 21 it is important to remember that like everyone else, those on the spectrum will continue to experience changes, triumphs, challenges, victories and difficulties.  Without information, compassion and support it cannot be expected that people with ASD will reach their full and optimal potential.

Today April 3rd  is also National Inside Out For Autism Day,  the only national fundraiser for autism taking place right across Canada. This event is about member national and grassroots autism organizations coming together to raise funds and promote awareness and acceptance for Autism Spectrum Disorders, by wearing your shirt inside out for the day. Funds raised within a province or territory benefit the participating provincial or territorial member organization.

Lastly, Autism Junction is Canada’s Online Autism Service Directory. Whether you are looking for dentists who specialize in patients with autism, financial assistance or funding opportunities or are in need of vocational training this database has you covered.

Take some time today to learn a bit about Autism and see just how beautiful taking in the world from a different angle can be...