CFN Podcast Centre - Growing Up Resilient

Going from the age of 10 to that of a high school graduate is a challenging time in one's life. Young people face real problems on a daily basis during the most awkward growth stages of their lives; being exposed to some overwhelming external and internal struggles. Teens go through, and are expected to cope with social and parental forces, work and school pressures, as well as encountering many conditions and problems. When this is combined with an immigrant twist, not knowing the language or the cultural norms in which one is facing these challenges, it can appear to be an overwhelming task. That being said, young people are a highly adaptable bunch, and even more so when speaking of immigrant youth.

On this week's Podcast we talk with Fatima, a young Canadian who arrived here from Libya at just 10 years old. Her story is very much a Canadian tale and one that reminds any who listens of the incredible resiliency embodied by both young people, as well as those who cross the globe to make Canada their home.