CFN Attends Bison Homecoming Celebration @ MRU

As a result of long and collaborative process, now,  after 140 years, plains bison are once again roaming their historical range in Banff’s Eastern Slopes. For 16 months, the bison will remain in an enclosed pasture in the valley 40 kilometres north of Banff, and will be monitored by Parks Canada.

In summer 2018, the herd will be released to explore a 1,200-square-kilometre zone in the Red Deer and Cascade river valleys where they will be free to interact with other native species and forage for food. Natural barriers and stretches of wildlife fencing will hopefully discourage the bison from leaving the zone.

Dr. Leroy Little Bear
As a part of CFNs Indigenous Education Initiative, several CFN Staff attended the Bison Homecoming Celebration at Mount Royal University yesterday. A number of special guests were in attendance and the guest speaker was none other than Dr. Leroy Little Bear. Leroy Little Bear has himself become an institution. This veteran educator and renowned academic is a model not only for all Aboriginals striving for success in higher learning, but for all Canadians. The founder of the Native American Studies Department at the University of Lethbridge – where he served as Chair for 21 years – also went on to become the founding Director of Harvard University’s Native American Program.

CFN was honoured to attend the event and looks forward to witnessing the development of this amazing project unfold in Banff National Park.