Canada's Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen & MP Darshan Kang Visit CFN

As a young boy our nation's newest Immigration Minister fled war-torn Somalia as a refugee with family to forge a new life in Canada at just 16 years of age. When a 19-year-old Darshan Kang, the current MP for Calgary Skyview, first moved to Calgary on his own from India, with no friends or family, knowing no one, he had to make things work entirely on his own - with his very first job here in Canada milking 150 cows a day and heaving bales of hay.

Both men visited CFN yesterday and the positions they now find themselves in are not just a testament to their own hard work and dedication, but the kind of country Canada is and continues to be for all those who arrive here to start a new life. It was easy to see our clients feeling an immediate kinship with them. Newly arrived and beginning the latest chapter in their own lives, they saw in our honoured guests an inverted reflection of themselves and a hopeful vision of their future.

They were given a tour of CFN with a stop in the Ethnicity Catering Kitchen, a chat with clients from our Youth Possibilities Program and ended things with a presentation from our partners at Calgary Outlink on our joint initiative - The LGBTQ New Canadians Resiliency Project. CFN extends our thanks to both Honourable Minister Ahmed Hussen and MP Darshan Kang for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit us here at the Centre and we hope to see them again soon. For more photos of the day CLICK HERE and to see the day`s highlights simply click below.

Canada's Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen & MP Darshan Kang Visit CFN from CFN Productions on Vimeo.