What Will They Say About You?

An online commercial recently released by Nike portraying Arab women fencing, boxing and more, as was intended, has stirred controversy over its attempt to deconstruct stereotypes about women leading home-bound lives in a conservative region of the world. It begins with a woman peeking out of her doorway and adjusting her hijab before heading our for a run, while a female voice narrates, “What will they say about you?"

“What will they say about you?” is a question with which many young Arab females are cinsitently challenged. Women are met with this phrase from all sides when they attempt to something culturally unexpected taking their actions or behaviours the beyond social norms of their society.The ad features athletes from the Arab region, including Parkour Trainer, Amal Mourad; Figure Skater, Zahra Lari; Pop Singer; Balquees Fathi; Fencer, Inès Boubakri; and Boxer, Arifa Bseiso.  Check it out below.