CFN to Attend Exceedia's Millennial Financial Roundtable

Exceedia will host a roundtable discussion on financial literacy for, with and by millennials on May 10th 2017. Exceedia is a solution focused company invested in the long-term economic well-being of our families and our communities. Through financial literacy, financial planning, tax savings and development of the micro and small business community, their team of dedicated professionals serve the highest standards of ethics, knowledge and service with a value-based, holistic solution to meet the changing needs of Canadian families.

The millennial generation is known as the most educated generation in history; one-third have earned a Bachelor’s degree or above by age 33. With higher education comes higher debt. Two-thirds of the millennial generation begin their careers with an average of $27,000 in student loan debt according to a 2014 study by the Pew Research Center. Low credit scores, large amounts of debt, a lack of financial know-how, and a culture of immediate gratification puts this generation in a crisis situation unique from any experienced by their parents or grandparents.

Financial firms that supply tools and resources to help Millennials get a better grasp on their finances and manage their debt will be seen as valued and trusted advisors. Millennials will be more likely to seek out advice from a source they trust, and will be more likely to seek out products and services that will help them in the future. How does the financial industry currently approach financial education for Millennials and what strategies are working? What do Millennials want and where are they finding it now?

Whether it’s by explaining the importance of financial products and services, engaging in partnership with the local community and school system, or providing education online for easy access, there is a huge opportunity to help Millennials succeed financially, focusing on their future. Educating this generation and helping them become financially savvy will significantly increase the likelihood that they will become financially secure, thus contributing to the overall financial well-being of our economy and our community.

This roundtable will start with an open discussion of helping define what constitutes financial security, transition into current resources available to meet these needs, and finish with ideas and recommendations as to what needs to be developed to meet the gaps. For more information and to register for this free event CLICK HERE.