CFN to Attend Calgary Homeless Foundation I Heart YYC Forum

For the past two years, under the I Heart Home YYC brand and as the backbone organization supporting Calgary’s collective vision of delivering on the goals of Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness, Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) has convened a bi-annual gathering of Chairs of the Board of Director’s and CEO’s of agencies, foundations, government partners and other members engaged in Calgary’s Homeless-Serving System of Care. At the 3rd Connectivity Breakfast in October, 2016, attendees prioritized 3 things that they believed, as a community, we could achieve before the end of 2018 that would advance ending homelessness in Calgary - and set the stage for our sector’s ongoing work beyond Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness.

House More People. (10,000 people 2008 - 2018) 8,000 housed to date.
Build More Futures. (+600 units) 425+ units built to date.
Save More Lives. Ensure Calgary has a high-performing system of care that provides single point of access and assessment, works collaboratively across the sector and is integrated with big systems. In addition, the system of care will be informed by quality data, rigorous performance and outcome measurements

On Thursday, April 12 CFN will attend a Communications Mixer aimed at crafting and engaging the plan to elevate conversation around the 3 Things, tell stories of success and by extension help agencies and our community achieve its goals. CHF, as part of its commitment to I Heart Home YYC, will be hosting the gathering to provide an overview of the 3 Things initiative, the framework of the Communications Strategy, and to solicit input on how we can collaborate more closely on fulfilling the goals of 3 Things.The goal is to provide everyone an overview of the 3 Things, and an opportunity to network/get to know peers from other agencies and to create an opportunity for everyone to start thinking about how they, (and their agency), can get involved with 3 Things in meaningful ways.