CFN Podcast Centre - Alberta Human Rights Commission

The Alberta Human Rights Commission has a two-fold mandate: to foster equality and to reduce discrimination. It fulfils this mandate through public education and community initiatives, through the resolution and settlement of complaints of discrimination, and through human rights tribunal and court hearings.

The Alberta Human Rights Commission has a number of programs and services to educate and engage with Albertans and Alberta organizations in human rights and diversity. Information and promotional resources, education programs and other services, such as workshops, displays and consultations with organizations, help to build awareness of human rights principles and law and support individuals and organizations to create discrimination-free, welcoming and inclusive communities, organizations and workplaces.

This week the CFN Podcast Centre had the chance to talk Cam Stewart of the Alberta Human Rights Commission's Education and Engagement Unit. A veteran of the Calgary Police force and a long time community builder, it was a pleasure having Cam on the show.  For more information on the commission  visit their website and to hear Cam's thoughts on the importance of standing up to acts of discrimination, his time on Calgary Police Diversity Unit and more simply click below.