CFN CEO in Kosovo Presenting at Strong Cities Countering Violent Extremism Workshop

A two day workshop taking March 5th and 6th in Kosovo entitled Strong Cities Countering Violent Extremism, will feature a presentation from CFN CEO Anila Lee Yuen on the Centre For Newcomers Real Me Program. Real Me works with immigrant youth and first generation Canadians currently involved in gang-related activities, or at risk of becoming involved in those activities. Program staff help youth participants to reach their highest future potential, regardless of their past using the “High Fidelity Wraparound” model.

The workshop is for municipal level staff in Kosovo, who have signed on to be a part of the global Strong Cities Network for sharing best practices, networking, etc. The network and the project is unique in that  has concentrated on the national level and on training for law enforcement, this is support dedicated exclusively to local government levels.

CFN is proud to extend its experience and support to such an important global topic and for more information on the Real Me Program visit our website.