Canadian Cultural Competency Quiz

How good is your Canadian workplace etiquette? Take the quiz below and find out. Canadian workplaces are made up of people from many different backgrounds. You will find yourself working amongst others of various cultures, religions, beliefs and abilities. To be successful in an increasingly global economy and diverse social climate, it is important to value this diversity and conduct yourself in a manner that aligns with the principles of equity and inclusion. Try to understand what motivates people’s behaviours as well as your own in order to ensure a cohesive work environment. Respect that others are different from you, that you are different from them, and understand that valuing these differences are important to an effective group dynamic.

Although this document contains tips on typical Canadian workplace etiquette, there will be many people in the workplace who will be influenced by their own background or beliefs. In cases where people don't conform to the what's stated here, they may not be simply rude, but acting in accordance to what they know to be proper behaviour. Knowing this will make your dealings with co-workers and clients more successful. In fact, this is a highly valued skill in the workplace – cultural competency – that is, the ability to operate effectively in cross-cultural situations. So give the quiz below as shot and see how you do! Answer is available for download at the bottom of this post.

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