A Laughing Matter Sells Out - Thank You Calgary

After weeks of build up CFNs 2nd Annual Fundraiser:  A Laughing Matter was a great success. Sold out and standing room only, the community came together and joined us in our celebration of diversity and inclusion.  Thank you to our sponsors, our special guests and to all those who came together to build community and celebrate our great city. A special thanks to Noor Kidwai for filling the Centre with laughter with his hilarious stand up. And of course a huge thanks to the one and only Ruben Kincaids, who rocked the house with covers done to perfection and who have been supporting CFN for years, helping us make the event what it is today. We also have to give a big shout out to Mark and the Ethnicity Catering team for what was no less than an amazing spread. We are lucky to have you guys!

At it's core, building community seeks to empower people and create opportunities, while engaging the community in the development process, creating different and innovative ways of working together. A strong, vibrant community requires far more than top down strategic planning. Real community thrives on an organic participatory energy - an engaging spark that provides us all with the life force of connectivity - the very energy that filled the halls of CFN Saturday night.

In the end, CFNs continuous efforts to build community through partnership and collaboration seeks to help us all feel a part of something real, integrated and tangible, deepening and refining our sense of place, and above all else helping us recognise that each and every one us truly belongs.

Lastly, a very special thanks to our Mayor, Naheed Nenshi, for stopping by and saying a few words. He reminded us all of the work that lay in front of us, but in doing so, he also reminded all in attendance of the incredible strength we collectively share to get the job done. To see his speech in its entirety visit our Facebook Page and for pictures of the event CLICK HERE.

Mayor Nenshi @ CFN from CFN Productions on Vimeo.