CFN to Attend YYC Podcast Conference

From its quiet beginnings in 2003, podcasting has become an undeniable force in content marketing and shows no signs of slowing down. A mix of increased app innovation, mobile accessibility, new content marketing potential, along with the evolving and organic work of audio storytellers and entrepreneurs has opened up near limitless possibilities for the medium. According to iTunes, in 2015 one in five people listen to at least one podcast, downloads increased 23%, and advertisers spent $30 million in advertising. Put all this together and its a perfect time for a podcast summit here Stampede City.

Western Canada's first podcast conference is coming to Calgary - Saturday May 6, 2017. Podcast production workshops will talk about gear, hardware, software, editing, and DIY tips. In terms of show development, we will talk about show structure, interview techniques, and content hooks. And lastly,  workshops will provide the opportunity to learn about podcast promotion, marketing, advertising, and audience engagement. Guest speakers will also offer their insight into this every growing medium.

The podcast summit is the brainchild of Ernest Barbaric. Social Media Marketing Instructor at Mount Royal University and Digital Marketing Instructor at the University of Calgary once a year, Barbaric is a trusted local authority on digital and social media marketing. His work has been featured in Forbes, Canadian Business, USA Today, Financial Post, Mashable and Social Media Today, among others and he regularly collaborates with leaders, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals to build online authority, increase qualified inbound traffic, improve conversions and develop brand awareness – all through digital marketing.

CFN will be there to learn, as well as to lend a hand in conference media production, and looks forward to connecting with fellow YYC podcasters. For more information visit