CFN Podcast Centre: Why There Won't Be A Canadian Trump

Editorial Cartoon - Chronicle Herald
Even the casual user of social media, who keeps it at arm’s length, can see the liberties people are taking in terms of expressing some pretty vicious statements these days. It's out there in a way it hasn't been before and there are a number of reasons for that - only some of which would stem from down south and its emerging world of alternative facts.

Racist thought no doubt takes place in Canada. Anti-immigration sentiment no doubt takes place in Canada. That said, many Canadians are unaware of how commonly racially motivated acts occur in this country and that polls over the last few years suggest a sizeable portion of the population is at the very least resistant to immigration. For many however, the Quebec Mosque attack changed that. It was an attack that has shaken Canada to its core and revealed the ugliness that exists. It has also clearly galvanised the country into an almost maternal embrace of our Muslim community nationwide. Moreover, it has lowered the volume somewhat of those who, at the very least, had been taking a hard line on immigration, never mind those emboldened to unleash xenophobic racist commentary.

That said, why hasn't there been a Tea Party Movement matched by a political candidate who goes full blown xenophobic here in the Great White North?  It has a lot to do with the Canadian Political System and the balance it provides. To hear more about this question and how our unique political system addresses it, tune into this week's podcast.