CFN Attends Best Of Calgary 2017 Launch

Best of Calgary is a celebration of the people, places and voices that make Calgary an amazing place to live and call home, while at the same time looking at ways to make our city better. An online survey rolled out in four parts, The Best of Calgary categories are Food & Drink, Cityscape & People, Arts, Culture & Entertainment, along with Shopping & Services. With all four categories combined there are 100 questions in total.

Within each phase of the survey, bigger questions will be asked - questions developed through Best of Calgary's collaboration with the Calgary Foundation. These questions will provide a measurement of Calgarians sense of belonging and happiness with our city so contributions towards making positive changes for the future of Calgary and the people that live here can be made.

Best of Calgary has also developed partnerships with a wide variety of groups and organizations that should not only increase the number of responses received, but also bring a lot more diversification to those responses - The ultimate goal being the celebration the people, businesses and organizations that make this city great.

Best of Calgary invites you to visit their web site, fill out their survey, and sign up for their mailing list to ensure you are notified when each phase of the survey is released. To hear more about the Best of Calgary initiative watch below and to see a few photos from yesterday's launch click here. 

Best of Calgary from CFN Productions on Vimeo.