CFN Alumni - 10 Years Later

When an organization has been around for three decades, the stories and faces will be many. CFN has been a bedrock of the Calgary community for almost 30 years. The organisation currently serves approximately 10,000 clients per year and since its inception has employed hundreds of people, while enjoying the privilege of working with hundreds more volunteers.

Summer Cao and her family came by for a visit recently, almost 10 years after she left CFN and began her working life here in Calgary. Now married to husband Vince, with two children, Elsa 2 and Carson 6,  Calgary is undoubtedly her home.

Her husband Vince, born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, recently become yet another employment victim from the oil and gas sector and it was he in fact who gave us a call. "When she first moved here, she was completely dependant upon me." he said.

Now ten years later, Vince is laid off and it's Summer who goes to work everyday to fend for her family, while Vince looks for work. Proud of his wife, her transition from where she was when Summer first arrived in Canada, to where she is now is not lost on Vince. And so he gave us a call and we had the chance to sit and chat with the entire family.

Summer was a part of CFNs Youth Possibilities Program (YPP) back in 2006, where she learned language skills, became knowledgeable of Canadian workplace culture, and engaged the community through a wide verity of volunteer work. An interesting side bar - CFN CEO Anila Lee Yuen worked as a Community Development  Facilitator in the YPP program back then in what was her first job out of University - before moving on to other things and then returning as CEO a little over a year ago.

We would like to thank Summer and Vince for stopping by to say hello to their CFN family and wish them health and good fortune in the New Year. For more information on CFNs YPP Program CLICK HERE.

Youth Possibilities Program @ CFN from CFN Productions on Vimeo.