CBC Sponsors March 4th CFN Fundraiser

CBC has joined our list of sponsors for our March 4th Fundraiser: A Laughing Matter. From where Canada’s been to where we’re going together, CBC/Radio-Canada has been there, informing, enlightening and entertaining, sharing Canada’s journey step by step, day by day, with the news, content and commentary and culture that Canadians need today, tomorrow and in the future.

As the country’s national public broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada is woven into the fabric of the country, rooted in the communities they serve and committed to sharing stories as Canadians live them, each and every day. As part of that role, CBC produces rich, diverse and overwhelmingly Canadian content. Striving to achieve continuous improvement, CBC/Radio-Canada strives to keep working to honour and strengthen the trust Canadians place in them by entrenching accountability and transparency in everything they do as a broadcaster and as a corporation. And how does CBC stay accountable? By reporting to Parliament, the Minister of Canadian Heritage and the CRTC. Also by reporting directly to Canadians in their Quarterly and Annual Reports, and at their Annual Public Meeting.

CFN send out a big thank your to CBC for sponsoring our fundraiser and even more so for the important work they do for all of Canada, each and everyday.