All That We Share - Watch This. We All Need To These Days.

A promotional ad put together by Danish broadcaster TV2 has been shared by millions since the English version was released just a few days ago. ‘All That We Share’ opens with Danes walking onto a stage and stepping into squares outlined on the floor that divide them into archetype like categories such ‘upper class’, ‘lower class’, ‘lifelong citizens’ and ‘new citizens’. The is followed by a man who begins to ask questions like: “Who in this room was the class clown? Who are stepparents? Who is heartbroken? Who has been bullied? Who is lonely?”

What follows is truly amazing. People step out of their boxes, those frames of identity and judgement we put upon ourselves and others, and different members from each archetype end up standing together, finding common ground, seeing the humanity in those around them. It represents the undeniable truth that human beings all exist as inverted reflections of one another, more alike than different, more connected than alone, yet so many simply cannot see. The English-language version of  the video was posted to YouTube on January 27. It was the same day that US President Donald Trump released an executive order blocking citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for 90 days and halting the Syrian refugees program. Take a look below to not only get your guaranteed feel good moment for the day, but to be reminded of our shared humanity.