Three Things For Canada

A sense of community is vital to a productivity and hope, as it brings with it a sense of identity and pride. Building community is important because it allows people to interact with each other, share experiences, develop valued relationships and work toward a common goal.

2017 is Canada's 150th birthday. Imagine if every Canadian did three things for their neighbourhood their nation and their world this year. We would have over 100 million acts of community building. For Canada’s 150th birthday, let’s all give a gift of three things. They can be large or small. Just ask yourself: What am I passionate about? What can I do to help?

3 Things for Canada is a national campaign created by the Mayor’s Civic Engagement Committee of The City of Calgary after a challenge from Mayor Naheed Nenshi to get all Canadians to become more involved in their communities. The power to make extraordinary change lies in everyday people doing everyday things. So what will your three things for Canada be? And watch out next week for some of the things CFN will be doing!