Noor Kidwai @ CFN 2017 Fundraiser - The Art Of Comedy

Comedy offers a way to think outside the box, as well as question ourselves, society, and entire countries, and does so in way that we might not otherwise do. It offers an outsider's perspective of life and our attitudes towards virtually everything. Perhaps most importantly, comedy has the ability to cut through the harshest of truths, while creating little to no animosity. As a result comics like Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Richard Prior, Eddie Murphy,  and more recently Louis C.K. and Chris Rock have all helped shape the cultural landscapes of their times. 

On March 4, 2017 CFN will hold its 2nd Annual Fundraiser: A Laughing Matter. One of the evening's performances will be the stand up comedy of Noor Kidwai, a young comic this writer thoroughly enjoyed when taking in a performance at the Laugh Shop here in Calgary. A big thanks for Noor for helping us make our 2017 fundraiser the best it can be and for tickets to the show simply click here!  Below is a brief bio written by Noor himself. 

I was born in Calgary, Alberta but when I was 7 years old my parents bought a bowling alley in a small farming town in High River, Alberta.  Soon later we moved to High River where I definetly felt like an outcast.  My parents eventually bought a one screen movie theatre called the “Wales Theatre” where I worked at for years to come. 
I was always a fan of Improv and used to do it throughout middle and high school.  I joined an Improv team in high school and we stayed together long after we graduated.  Luckily my parents owned the movie theatre which had a stage and we started putting on Improv shows there.  I was 19 years old and over the summer we slowly gained popularity in the town of High River.  I was also at that time enrolled in the University of Alberta in Edmonton and we put on one more show in High River before I went back to school.  That show turned out to be huge because that was the first time I ever grabbed a mic and actually told jokes to an audience.  When you do Improv there is 3 other people on stage with you, I never thought I would have the balls to be on stage by myself, but I got the taste of it and knew that this is what I wanted to do! 
For the next 5 years I finished my BSc degree and also toured doing Improv and Stand-up.  I was planning to go into medicine when I went to school but deep down I knew I wanted to be a comedian and ended up pursuing that rather than medicine to my parents dismay.  I did any gig that I was offered, many in some dinky Northern Alberta town, for very little money but very valuable experience.  I was raised Muslim and grew up in High River, and most of my earlier jokes were based on that. 
When I was 23 I moved back to Calgary and started a weekly show at a place called “Jupiter Lounge” with Eric Steel who is another comedian who I started with in High River on the Improv team.  That is where we started “Jupiter Comedy”.   The “Jupiter Lounge” is now called the “Oak Tree Tavern” and we have been running it for almost 4 years now every Wednesday.   We are also starting another weekly Tuesday room at a venue called the “Night Owl”.  We promote shows all over the place and still at the “Wales Theatre” in High River. 
I have being lucky enough to be able to tour around the country doing comedy and feel blessed to have “Jupiter Comedy” doing so well.  My comedy has evolved in the last few years and I now talk about a whole variety of subjects.  I fell in love with comedy by watching comics like Chris Rock and George Carlin, They were able to make people think differently by making people laugh.  That is a beautiful skill and I wish to have that one day.  Until then I am just going to keep writing and performing as much as I can!