Chinese New Year @ CFN

Today CFN started the countdown to Chinese New Year at the Centre with an afternoon of dance, fun, and great food. The total Chinese population in Canada is more than 1.2 million, meaning the Chinese people and culture have a tremendous impact on all aspects of our country.

Although there are many interesting legends and stories explaining the start of the Chinese New Year festival, the main two reasons for the festival are to celebrate a year of hard work, have a good rest, relax with family, as well as to wish for a lucky and prosperous coming year. Chinese people believe that a good start to the year will lead to a lucky year. Chinese traditionally celebrated the start of a new year of farm work, and wished for a good harvest. This has now evolved to celebrating the start of a new business year and wishing for profits and success in various vocations. The main traditional celebrations of the festival include eating reunion dinner with family, giving red envelopes, firecrackers, new clothes, and decorations.

2017 is the Year of the Rooster and the Rooster is the tenth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac sign. The Years of the Rooster include 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029 and so on. The Rooster is the epitome of fidelity and punctuality. For ancestors who had no alarm clocks, the crowing was significant, as it could awaken people to get up and start to work. In Chinese culture, another symbolic meaning of chicken carries is exorcising evil spirits.

Thanks to the staff who put in all the work to make this a celebration for all of us and special thank you to CIBC and T & T super market.for sponsoring our staff celebration! For more pictures of the event CLICK HERE.