CFN to take in Calgary Northeast: The Show

There is no escaping the fact that there are some negative connotations affiliated with the northeast quadrant of Calgary. That said, Rundle, Whitehorn, Temple, and Falconridge are areas of the city where local actors Andrew Phung and Jamie Northan grew up in and very proudly so.  The show demonstrates that braggadocios spirit many of us have about their hometowns and neighbourhoods, while at the same time showing the importance of laughter. These type of shows not only often combat prejudices,  they make us laugh at that pettiness many of us invoke when it comes to citing our differences, and by extension, revealing our incredible similarities. In other words, the build a sense of community.

Phung and Northan have put together a collection of their favourite memories of growing up in Calgary's NE, which includes some of the lowest incomes communities and the highest concentration of recent immigrants in the city, for an upcoming improv show this Friday at Loose Moose Theatre as part of the Calgary Fringe Festival.

A 75-minute production made up of a series of improv scenes, Northeast: The Show features stories and characters from the real-life experiences of both actors. There has been a lot of buzz about the show since first showing up on its Facebook page and its sure to be a good time. Watch for details and pics of the show right here next week.  To get your tickets online click here.