An Open World Begins With An Open Mind

DNA tests from organisations like  have become more and more popular these days, as people take a journey through a genetic time machine in search for identity. In order to determine where in the world your DNA is from,  kits look at 700,000 different spots on the genome. The genetic markers found at those spots are then analyzed by computer programs that compare them to the markers of people who are known to be good representatives of distinct ethnic groups around the world. Those ‘reference populations’ correlate to twenty-six different geographical areas across the globe and thus reveal one's ancestry.

The reveals at times challenge the very notion of identity that people  have been carrying within them their entire lives. Extremist and prejudiced ideas that people carry within them can also be challenged by the results of such tests. Watch the video below and see the power such results carry and how an open mind, one person at a time, truly can change the world.