Rate Your Soft Skills

Soft skills are term we often hear, but just what are they? Perhaps the best definition is soft skills are the daily life skills we use to interact with other people, whether in a one on one or group setting.  People who work to develop their skills see more success in both their professional and personal lives than those who do not. Employers often seek to hire staff with good soft skills and when 10 resumes with the same amount of experience and education are sitting in front of them, they will take the one who shows those soft skills in an interview.  In the end, employers want people who will work well in a team and be able to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers and clients.

Skills such as communication, language and presentation skills, being able to resolve conflict, accept criticism, assume leadership, be flexible, make small talk and understand workplace etiquette are almost entirely based on culture. That is why learning culture and language go hand in hand for not only newcomers to Canada, but for anyone working in a multicultural environment.

Below are ten statements that represent soft skills. Go through them one at a time and answer them as honestly as you can.  Upon completion, add up your score and download the ratings key at the link below the statements to see how you measure up!

Download your rating HERE.