Osocio - A Place for Good Samaritans Around the Globe

Wanting to impact change via social causes, activism and non-profit work most often starts with a grass roots effort, spreading awareness, and engaging community.  This philosophy very much grounds the work we do here at CFN. A site often visited to inspire and inform such work is osocio.org. Osocio is dedicated to social advertising and non-profit campaigns. It’s the place where marketing and activism collide. Osocio is the central online hub for advertisers, ad agencies, grassroots, activists, social entrepreneurs, and good Samaritans from around the globe.

Unlike commercial advertising, which only attempts to influence purchase decisions, non-profit ads seeks to connect us with other human beings. Social advertising has an uncanny power to make us stop, think and then take action to help a person, or a group of people, who we don’t even know, who might be from a foreign culture, living thousands of miles away. And for that reason we celebrate these ads, study them and discuss them at length.

If you feel you can collaborate in any shape or form, please contact Osocio. They are always keen on new social campaigns, while looking to amplify non-profit marketing or the work of an agency, along with news, links or tips. Keep up the great work guys!