Cultural Competency Quiz

Workplace culture in Canada has its own set of unique cultural based guidelines and protocols. From our progressively diverse Canadian workforce to the unstoppable forces of globalization, Cultural Competency just may be the 21st century’s most vital skill to ensure effective workplace performance. In this context, culture refers to the values, norms, and traditions that influence the way an individual thinks, interacts and behaves. Even subconscious perception and judgement are driven by one’s culture of origin, all of which can greatly impact day-to-day workplace performance in Canada.

Developing  cultural competency results in the ability to comprehend and effectively communicate with people across cultures, and work efficiently within a myriad of cultural beliefs. This capability is dependent upon on one's own cultural world-view, knowledge of alternative world-views, and the tolerance of cultural differences.  The more dissimilar the cultures are the more vital cultural competency training becomes.  Cultural complications that can arise range from simple miscommunication to all out conflict. Regardless of the difficulties, such problems endanger effective both productivity and performance in the workplace.

Below is a quiz that measure's ones ability to communicate effectively in the Canadian workplace. Based on an Access Employment quiz, choose what you think is the best answer. Afterwards Download the answer key and see your rating.

Upon Completion, Download your workplace communication rating by CLICKING HERE.