CFNs Ethnicity Catering Holiday Menu

December is now underway and holiday season is entering into full swing. As a result, EthniCity Catering is offering an amazing Holiday Menu. Our Chef and Program Manager Mark Sefton has created a delicious festive dinner menu that will cater to the diverse tastes of your guests.

A Social Enterprise of CFN, EthniCity Catering offers service Monday through Saturday with a diverse menu of foods, including Mediterranean, East Asian, European, South Asian, Latin American and Canadian favourites.  All of the dishes are freshly prepared in response to your order. No preservatives or artificial flavourings are used.

EthniCity Catering would like to let everyone know that their updated menu has been refreshed to reflect the current economic climate facing Albertans, while remaining dedicated to providing you with unique, exciting, quality food at an affordable price for any occasion. You can check out the Holiday Menu below and for more information give us a call at 403-569-3325.