Rocky Mountain Orchestra & Steinway Donate Tickets to CFN for Upcoming Performance

In the midst of the 2016 Alberta economic downturn, 35 forward-looking musicians banded together to form the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra.  As of November 2016, the Roster is in excess of 50 players.  The orchestra hopes to satisfy a cultural desire among Albertans, regardless of where they live, for accessible programming of excellent Orchestral Music.  We believe that the vast repertoire of Western Art Music should be accessible to all, and not only to urbanites who are fortunate to be immersed in thriving artistic and cultural scenes.

Classical music is sometimes considered elitist and snobbish.  We aim to challenge and change this misconception.  We think classical music is for everyone.  Your favourite movie is filled with Classical masterpieces, light classics, opera gems, and of course, movie soundtracks written especially for each film (just think Star Wars or Indiana Jones).  The RMSO endeavours to include selections from all genres of Orchestral Music in each of its concerts.  We guarantee there is something for everyone.

This Friday, November 18 at 7:30 pm an historic concert by the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra, sponsored by the Steinway Piano Gallery Calgary, to commemorate the closing of the Jubilee Year of Mercy will take place at St. Mary's Cathedral, with partial proceeds from the concert will be donated to the Cathedral's Music Program. The evening's performance includes Mozart's Piano Concert #21 and Dvorak's Symphony # 9 (From the New World) and will include special guest pianist Derek Chiu.

Steinway has graciously donated 25 tickets to CFN for the event and we would like to send our many thanks for their generosity. Exposing newcomers to the arts and providing them with the opportunity to take in the rich culture of the local community is an important part of becoming a part of the city that now serves as their home. For more information visit the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra website.