#LOVEYYC Day - espy Partners with CFN

Saturday, November 5th will mark the first ever #LOVEYYC Day in Calgary. A campaign from the City of Calgary, the theme is simple - Calgary is ours to celebrate so on Nov. 5 get out and support our people, our businesses and our city.

It’s no secret 2016 has been a tough year for many Calgarians but the campaign exists to remind us about all of the things that make our city such a special place to live. It's time  to start a new conversation within Calgary and put some good news stories back on the airwaves. The goal? Show Calgary some love and the campaign hopes to create a #LOVEYYC movement.

A Calgary clothing store with made-to-measure shirts, customised suits for men and women and local denim specialists, espy is totally on-board with  #LOVEYYC The espy experience is an affordable designer boutique located in the historic Inglewood neighbourhood. espy’s concept is simple: Make people feel good. Support for the community has always been one of espy’s core values, and what better way to do so than to help the city that has given so much to us? That’s why this Saturday espy is donating $5 from every pair of jeans sold to CFN, which helps welcome new, proud Calgarians to this incredible city.

We’ve all felt the pressure of the economic downturn recently – to say it hasn’t been a difficult time for the city would be a lie. However, even in tough times, Calgary has welcomed those in greater need with open arms. Both espy and CFN couldn’t be prouder of our city and we’re here to help.
We believe this community is stronger when we come together and support our own, so come down to the store this Saturday to finally buy those jeans you’ve been meaning to buy, and enjoy an extra side of good feels by knowing you’re helping others by doing so!