#LOVEYYC Day - Dimension Dentistry Partners with CFN

As mentioned in yesterday's post on espy partnering with CFN, Saturday, November 5th will mark the first ever #LOVEYYC Day in Calgary, a City of Calgary campaign to get people out and in support our people, our businesses and our city. CFN is very pleased to announce as a part of #LOVEYYC Day, Dimension Dentistry will be putting on a dental clinic for pre-selected CFN clients on Saturday.

This brings me to an important question: are Canadians – regardless of income – entitled to basic health care, including basic oral health care? And why do we separate the mouth from the rest of the body?  A person’s dental health affects their entirety of their health status, and yet their is an apparent refusal to treat this as fact. While Canadians pride ourselves on our provision of universal health care, we discount oral health. In other words, as a society we are agreeing to not provide basic health care to a significant part of our population.

Arranging for transportation to bus the pre-selected CFN clients to their location, Dimension Dentistry will run the clinic from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Originally founded by Dr. Brent Fairbanks in 1989 in Midnapore. After serving the community of Midnapore for many years, he moved his Family Dental practice to Lake Sundance in 2005. As a Family Dentist, Dimension Dentistry is always welcoming new patients. No referral is required to make Dimension Dentistry your family dentist.

A heartfelt thanks from all of us here at CFN on behalf of the entire community for the great work you are doing and yes, we #LOVEYYC!