Community Leaders Attend CFNs Ethno-cultural Partner Forum

In Canada, as elsewhere, many immigrants rely on ethnospecific organizations – those that represent and provide services to a single ethnocultural group – to further their economic and social interests. This can have varying consequences for group members. Although dense communal organizing often facilitates economic networking and provides various other supports to recent arrivals,  when working individually, it can also lead to isolation and delayed integration. This is where CFN Community Outreach comes into play.

In line with our mission, CFN held an ethno-cultural partner forum this passed Saturday, November 19th that focused on diversity, fund sourcing and collaboration. Representatives from 16 ethno-cultural associations, with whom the Centre closely partners, came together on a single platform and discussed relevant issues. 42 community leaders and funding partners came together and we here at CFN view Ethno-cultural communities as our strength. It is our constant endeavour to involve ethno-cultural partners into meaningful dialogues and seek their opinions on various topics of interest that can be used towards community capacity building.

A heartfelt thank you for all who attended on Saturday and in your efforts to  join us in ensuring the values of equality and respect, collaboration, communication, professionalism, caring, diversity and inclusion are enjoyed and echoed by all. For more Photos of the event CLICK HERE.