CFN Visits Canada's National Music Centre

What we do, what we watch,  read, and listen to is ultimately who we are. The transformation of an identity, be it collective or individual, is determined by a society made up of social and political points of view that have been developed over time. Music, without question, plays an integral part in the development of and influence on identity.

Songs serve to bring groups of people together and even to move them towards a common action. Perhaps above all else,  music helps express and understand common emotions. By extension, they express widely-shared values or experiences that help define a group’s identity and the solidarity that binds them together. Music is culture and the sharing of such is an essential ingredient for us to understand each other.  It seems like now, as much as it ever has been, this would be an important thing to remember. This is why Canada's National Music Centre is a truly special place.

The National Music Centre at Studio Bell is a platform on which Canadians can build stronger relationships with each other and explore the power of music and for those new to our country - a place where one can see, in a truly relatable and palpable way, the development of Canadian culture. Music defines our experience, and now Canada has a national space that honours and celebrates music. There are five floors of exhibitions to explore that tell the story of music in Canada, celebrate music icons at the Canadian Halls of Fame, along with interactive instrument installations and our vocal booths for all to enjoy. For more information visit there website.