CFN Productions - The Real Me Program @ CFN

The Real Me Program at CFN is one of our most collaborative and unique initiatives. Part of Identity-Based Wraparound Intervention and working in partnership with the University of Calgary, Calgary Police Services, and the evaluation team of Guyn Cooper Research Associates, Real Me identifies youth between the ages of 12 and 24, either immigrants or first generation Canadians, currently involved with or at risk of gang related involvement. 

The program is unique as it focuses on strengthening the identity of our youth by helping them find a balance between their cultural identity and their Canadian identity. Real Me staff facilitate a support team compromised of professional and natural supports who work on a coordinated plan with youth, helping them set and achieve long term goals. The program also provides the opportunity for youth and families to either find or restore their sense of cultural self and identity, while encouraging the question - who do i want to be? By extension, youth are rooted in a sense of self while minimising the search for belonging that can make them vulnerable to gang life. For more information on the program or to find out how you can get involved visit our website. 

The Real Me Program @ CFN from CFN Productions on Vimeo.