CFN Productions - EthniCity Catering Series

EthniCity Catering, provided through Immigration, Refugee & Immigration Canada (IRCC), the United Way and catering sales, is a social enterprise of the Centre for Newcomers that provides transitional employment and training for immigrant and refugee women and men, and a multi-ethnic menu for Calgary customers. Offering a temporary and part-time Canadian job, along with training to work in a commercial kitchen, the program also presents the opportunity to learn essential life skills and workplace training, along with a food safety card from Alberta Health Services and support in looking for permanent work.

CFN Productions will roll out a new original series on EthniCity Catering soon, bringing you into the kitchen, talking to the people who make it happen and sharing with you the passion and love that goes into each and every dish. A quick peek can be seen below and watch out for our first episode next week when we talk to EthniCity Catering Program Manager and Chef Mark Sefton.

EthniCity Catering @ CFN from CFN Productions on Vimeo.