CFN Delivers Cultural Competency Training to Local Community

Yesterday CFN delivered a Cultural Competency Training session at YWCA's Sheriff King Home in Inglewood. The training was interactive and incorporated the questions and areas of focus of the audience. Newcomer populations in Calgary and surrounding area, (who are they, history, demographic trends, etc) current issues related to this population (including geopolitical, health, emergent needs, etc), best practices as service provided to immigrants, refugees and ethnocultural minorities and additional resources available were all discussed. The fact of the matter is that Calgary has shifted from a small prairie city to a multicultural urban centre, and a preferred destination for many immigrants arriving to Canada. By the year 2020, 40% of Calgary will be visible minorities. Cultural competency is needed for us to continue to thrive and grow as a community.

Developing cultural competency results in the ability to comprehend and effectively communicate with people across cultures, and work efficiently within a myriad of cultural beliefs. This capability is dependent on one's own cultural worldview, knowledge of alternative worldviews, and the acceptance of cultural differences.  Cultural complications that can arise include simple miscommunication to all out conflict.  There are significant differences in the mindsets of people in the East (Asia, The Far East, The Middle East) and the West (Europe, the Americas). The mental software of both the East and West contains their basic values. Acquired throughout a lifetimes, they become so natural as to be unconscious. These values heavily influence business management and often enough stand in sharp contrast to one another. This is why cultural competency is an important of life.

In the end, culture has a huge impact on how others perceive us and even how we perceive ourselves. Here at CFN we never lose site of this fact and strive to invest in our multicultural community  in order to make Calgary the best city it can be. Thank you YWCA's Sheriff King Home for a wonderful venue and to all the attendees. for taking the time to build and invest in community. For more photos of the event CLICK HERE.