One Yellow Rabbit Donates 250 Tickets to CFN

It was 1997, some 20 years ago, and I wanting to dazzle my date for the evening, bought two tickets to One Yellow Rabbit Theatre's performance of Doing Leonard Cohen. The mystical chords of my memory still swell whenever I think back to that cold February night, a night that has become, for me at least, an immortal moment in time.

Based on the profound and paradoxical poetry of the iconic Canadian writer, what made the event all the more memorable was how it began. With the intimate theatre cloaked in darkness, a bright spotlight suddenly burst onto the play’s main character.  His sudden appearance was highlighted by the fact he stood buck naked at centre stage, his hands placed proudly upon his bony hips. With a serious tone of voice, the first words that came out of his mouth were, “Just so you know… there will be some nudity in tonight’s performance.”

He then proceeded to warn the audience of the play’s mature language and themes, and, as an afterthought, its use of nudity. Divided into two acts, the first presented dozens of Cohen’s poems and the second staged a summarised version of his novel Beautiful Losers. The performance revealed the incredible poet and novelist Cohen is, as much as it revelled in his use of language. Along with its calming yet torrid movement, the surrealistic stream of free-flowing thought seized upon the sensual qualities of Cohen's finest poetic voice. And I, an arts and humanities major, in my freshman year no less, was enthralled by what I both saw and heard.

Two Decades later One Yellow Rabbit is still going strong and blazing new trails. The company harnesses the bold, adventurous spirit of our Calgary community to enrich the place we live and does so by undertaking high-calibre work in the performing arts across a wide range of projects. Their mission is to create and present vital, surprising performance experiences that engage and reward their audience. It is their belief that through artistic work – work that arouses curiosity, ignites passion, stimulates imagination and challenges expectation – individuals are inspired and communities flourish.

Thanks to the generous donation from One Yellow Rabbit Theatre, CFN clients will have the chance to take in a performance and with the Arts being no less than the executive producer of culture, both reflecting and creating the world around it,  that's pretty cool. All of us here at CFN send our heartfelt thanks to One Yellow Rabbit for their generous donation and the wonderful opportunity they have provided by doing so. We look forward to taking in a show and keep up the amazing work that you do!